Broken Heart in Bondage

God Desires to Restore Our Broken Hearts

“Even now,” declares the Lord,    “return to me with all your heart,    with fasting and weeping and mourning.” Joel 2:12 NIV Our hearts are easily broken as we walk this journey called Life. We experience heartaches through the lose of a loved one to death or the lose of a relationship through a misunderstanding or a divorce. …

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Porn Harms – Part 3

Viewing pornography has been shown to harm relationships in a variety of ways. talks about the following ways porn harms by a slogan they put on a tee shirt: "Porn: Ignores Consent, Promotes Violence, Encourages Coercion, Advertises Objectification, Sells Exploitation, Fuels Trafficking. Porn normalizes abuse." In relationships, love is of utmost importance! And the …

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Porn Harms – Part 1

The world is so very broken! As a counselor, I hear story after story of brokenness within self and in families, relationships, work, church (yes, even in churches) and communities. We watch the news and read postings on social media that have us hanging our heads in disbelief, sadness, disgust and even fear. We live …

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