Easter & Tulips

Photo by Carol Larson, Sunken Gardens, Lincoln, Nebraska

Tulips are a wonderful sign that spring has finally arrived. After a harsh and bitter cold winter, the tulip bulb suddenly bursts out of the ground as a young green shoot that very soon opens up a flower of immense beauty for all to enjoy.

On this glorious Easter Sunday, as we have paused to remember that Jesus Christ rose up out of the tomb, we see how Jesus is much like the tulip bulb – it is buried into the ground in the fall, it is considered dead, and at the right time it rises up out of the ground alive. Jesus likewise was killed, placed in the tomb, then on the third day, Jesus rose up, coming to life at His Father’s bidding, and left the tomb. The tomb and death are destroyed!

Jesus is beyond beautiful. Jesus is our Shekhinah glory! God with us. Immanuel! He surpasses the beauty of the flowers, which are here today and gone tomorrow. Jesus is forever!!

May we all remember today and every day of the year, Jesus Christ is alive! The tomb could not hold Him. He has defeated sin, death and Satan’s power. May God be praised!!

He is risen! He is risen in deed!!

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